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Watch: De Bruyne, Schurrle score as Chelsea beat Milan

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WATCH IN AWE as Kevin "Ice Cold" de Bruyne smacks an inch-perfect finish into the back of the net. BE ASTOUNDED as Andre "Look how good I am when I don't have bubonic plague" Schurrle demonstrates his extraordinary technique with a last-minute volleyed goal from a Victor Moses cross. CHECK TO SEE IF YOU'RE ON ACID as Branislav Ivanovic attempts a blind, backheeled goal. No, seriously. That last one happens.

The above's a bit of a strangely edited video, but it's got most of the good bits from Chelsea's 2-0 win over AC Milan on Sunday. If you were in Europe, you probably missed it, so give it a watch*. The goals were quality (de Bryune's finish is absolutely extraordinary) and the rest of the highlights are pretty good as well. Milan gave us a tough game, which is what we need in the preseason.

*There's also a replay on Chelsea TV at 2:30 BST.

Up next, Real Madrid in Miami. Can't think of any interesting storylines with this game. No sir.