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Manchester United confirm second Rooney bid rejected

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Alex Livesey

Manchester United have confirmed that Chelsea have submitted a second bid for Wayne Rooney, according to Sky Sports. We've had reports that a £25 million bid was rejected on Sunday evening (so much for that supposed £40 million offer), but there are a few outlets -- the Guardian and the Fulham and Hammersmith Chronicle among them -- reporting that the offer was closer to £30 million after add-ons.

Now that 'the Telegraph understands' has turned into reality, the next step, as Steve mentioned last night, is probably Rooney handing in a transfer request*. Money alone is unlikely to force United's hand here. Unlike a Liverpool, they're completely capable of holding their own against us, and besides, I wouldn't want to see an offer much higher than the second one anyway because of Rooney's high wages.

So, Wayne, if you want to come to Chelsea, you try to force a move. Even if they don't sell, which is fine by me, it'll be annoying for United, and that'll be funny, right?