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Apparently Spurs were serious about this Juan Mata thing

Shaun Botterill

Kind of, anyway.

Tottenham Hotspur apparently did indeed lodge a bid Juan Mata, trying to throw €35 million Chelsea's way to see if they could pry away the two-time Chelsea player of the year. Unsurprisingly, they couldn't:

Honestly, this is more 'cheeky' than anything else, and since we managed to annoy them with Willian a bit of turnabout is fair play. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if this was a snarky 'well if you want Willian we'll pay you for this Mata guy' move from Daniel Levy, and since there was no harm done Spurs can have their fun (they ended up buying Christian Eriksen instead).

What I do find interesting, however, is what nobody else is commenting on: If Mata's supposedly in the Chelsea doghouse -- to be fair, being selected in one out of their first four games is fuel for the fire, even if it's not an entirely convincing argument -- why wouldn't they accept €35 million for him? That's a lot of money for a player we're being told they don't want, don't you think?

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