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You picked the Chelsea squad: UEFA Super Cup

You guys picked a strong lineup to face Bayern Munich, and I'd expect Jose Mourinho to pick something relatively similar

Christof Koepsel

We gave you the opportunity to tell us what you would do and over 1,300 of you responded. There was a pretty clear consensus on the bulk of the lineup, and here's what the community as a whole want to see:

WAGNH Community Starting XI

Petr Cech - Cech gets the usual nod in goal, although he received only 96.1% of the vote today. I'd guess that's largely due to a good number of fans that care less about the UEFA Super Cup than they do about Premier League ties, but I suppose it's possible there are just more Bayern fans trolling us than there have been for any of our Premier League opponents.

Branislav Ivanovic - Bran continues to be the WAGNH community choice to start at right back, appearing as a starter on 71.7% of the ballots. Once David Luiz is back and fully fit, it will be interesting to see how this number changes.

David Luiz - I doubt we'll actually see Luiz start this one, but he was a starter on 56.4% of the ballots. That was good enough to see him displace Gary Cahill from the WAGNH vote.

John Terry - Terry has had a relatively strong start to the season, and showed up on 75.4% of the votes because of that. He missed our last tie with Bayern due to a red card for kicking Alexis Sanchez, but if you all have your way, he'll start this one.

Ashley Cole - 88% of the community voted for Cole to start against Bayern, down quite a bit from the numbers against United. Again, I'd assume this is due to the Super Cup being the Super Cup more than Cole's performance thus far.

Ramires - The open threads and initial reactions aren't usually the kindest to Ramires, but for the fourth time in four of these polls, Ramires had more starting votes than any other midfielder. He was down a bit from the United game, appearing as a starter on just 65.1% of the ballots.

John Obi Mikel - The second pivot player was a pretty close vote, but I'd assume the club we're facing has most here looking for a solid defensive contribution. Mikel showed up as a starter on 41.4% of the votes, narrowly edging Kevin De Bruyne and Marco van Ginkel for a spot in the starting eleven.

Oscar - It's hard not to love Oscar, and 64.6% of you wanted to see him in the attacking band.

Juan Mata - Mata didn't feature against United, but 84.6% of you would like to see him start today. I think it's safe to assume the fans would be upset if Juan Mata was actually sold.

Eden Hazard - Believe it or not, there are actually people out there that didn't vote for Hazard in their starting eleven. He edged Juan Mata as the top vote getting attacker by just two votes, appearing on 84.7% of the ballots.

Romelu Lukaku - This will be the last match before we see Samuel Eto'o join the mix, and Lukaku is still the fans' choice to start at center forward. He showed as a starter on 77.1% of the votes, easily outpacing the other two options (three if you count Andre Schurrle).

WAGNH Community Bench

Mark Schwarzer - There's not much to discuss here, as an overwhelming 87.9% of you want to see Schwarzer as our backup keeper.

Cesar Azpilicueta - Azpi continues to wait on the WAGNH bench, as Branislav Ivanovic continues to get the nod as a starter. He's the runaway winner for bench defenders though, showing up on 46.3% of the ballots.

Frank Lampard - You guys didn't vote Lampard into the starting eleven, but 50% of you would have put him on the bench. Getting him in the game if it looks like we're heading to penalties would be a good thing.

Marc van Ginkel - The young Dutchman was awfully close to making your starting eleven, but ended up on the bench instead. 39.3% of you wanted to see him providing depth today, the lowest total of any of the seven subs.

Kevin De Bruyne - Like Van Ginkel, De Bruyne was very close to making the starting eleven. He was also a very popular choice for the bench, showing up on 53.4% of the votes.

Andre Schurrle - The German didn't play well at center forward, but was effective as soon as he slid over to the wing. Likely because of that, Schurrle showed up on 56.9% of the ballots as a sub.

Fernando Torres - Like Lukaku, how Torres does in these things will be interesting once Samuel Eto'o joins the mix. He did well in the bench vote today though, showing up on 62.4% of the votes.

It wouldn't surprise me at all if this is fairly close to what we actually see today, although I'd be surprised to see David Luiz in the starting lineup. That aside, we might not see too many differences today.

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