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Chelsea transfer news: Blues not done, claims Gourlay

Stanley Chou

Chelsea have picked up a pair of Anzhi Makhachkala refugees in Willian and Samuel Eto'o this week, which I thought would have wrapped up the 'incoming' part of our summer and leave us with not much business to worry about as we get to the end of the transfer window. Not so, says, Ron Gourlay:

We are always looking to strengthen the team and there could be one, maybe two, but we are looking at a couple maybe going out on loan to continue their development as we have a fairly big squad.

I would expect maybe a little bit of activity in the next couple of days before the window closes, but the coach is very happy with the squad that he has at this present time, so if this is the squad we continue with for the rest of the season then it will be all good.

-Source: Sky Sports.

It's difficult to know what Gourlay means by 'one, maybe two' thing -- perhaps Christian Atsu is in there, perhaps not -- but I'd say that over the next few days we're likely to be linked to young, promising players rather than sexy first-teamers. And yes, we have the loans to figure out as well.

So, we're unlikely to be doing anything huge like adding a certain Manchester United player who will not be named, but there's still going to be some fun to be had before the deadline.

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