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Chelsea's Champions League group stage fixtures set

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Julian Finney

UEFA have released the schedule for Champions League Groups E-H, and our good friend Ollie 'Dream League' Kay has very handily put the results on Twitter. Here's when Chelsea will be playing Schalke, Basel and Steaua:

Wednesday, September 18th: Basel (H)
Tuesday, October 1st: Steaua Bucharest (A)
Tuesday, October 22nd: Schalke (A)
Wednesday, November 6th: Schalke (H)
Tuesday, November 26th: Basel (A)
Wednesday, December 11: Steaua Bucharest (H)

It's not really ideal (I'd have liked to have left Schalke away for last, because then we could probably have rested our players with top spot already clinched), but none of the games look that intimidating. The key stretch consists of games two through four, when we travel to Romania and then play Schalke away and home. It's entirely possible that we take nine points out of that stretch, but it's also very plausible that we drop points as well. How we fare between October 1st and November 6th will likely determine the outcome of Group E.