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Champions League group stage draw discussion thread

Here's your place to discuss the Champions League group stage draw as it happens

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In just a few minutes, UEFA will begin the draw for the 2013/14 Champions League group stage. If you've never sat through one of these before, they are dull affairs with entirely too much ceremony and a few awards sprinkled in. It's still a massive day for the Blues though, as we find out who our six Champions League games will be against for the first half of the year.

Last year's draw did us no favors, placing us in a group with both Juventus and a loaded Shakhtar Donetsk team. Given the way the pots fell this year, it will be difficult (but not impossible) for the Blues to draw that sort of nightmare scenario again.

My worst case scenario would include Paris Saint-Germain, Borussia Dortmund, and Napoli, while my ideal draw would include Marseille, Olympiacos, and Austria Wien. Odds are we'll end up with something in the middle, and we'll know who in just a little bit.

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