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Watch Willian talk about his 'dream come true' in his first interview with Chelsea TV

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If there was an award for "least excited while talking about your dream come true," Willian would be a shoo-in to win it. At least he cracks a smile at the end, to go with that amazing hair.

Putting aside the part where his transfer to Chelsea seems like a mind-boggling exercise in excess an attacking-midfielder-collecting (gotta catch 'em all!), I'm really starting to like Willian. He is saying all the right things, about working hard and winning trophies, about wanting to work with José and following his words like gospel, and playing for a big club like Chelsea. Sure, it's PR 101, but still nice to hear.

Plus, any friend of David Luiz is a friend of mine. Welcome, Willian!

ICYMI: Out of respect for Marko Marin's quest to save the world, Willian will be wearing shirt #22.