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Mail: Eto'o to sign £7m contract

Dmitry Korotayev

Samuel Eto'o will be paid £7 million for his lone season at Chelsea, according to the Daily Mail. With multiple outlets -- including the Cameroonian FA -- confirming that the striker is set to make the switch from Anzhi Makhachkala to Stamford Bridge on Thursday, all that's really left to concern ourselves with is the cost.

At Anzhi, Eto'o makes a rather staggering €20 million per season; which comes out as a little more than £330,000 per week. At Chelsea, that would be cut down to a more manageable £135,000 per week, which would put Eto'o in the upper echelon of our earners but would hardly break the bank. The Mail also mentioned that Anzhi are so desperate to get Eto'o off their books that they're paying out a lump sum bonus to help soften the fall from 'ridiculously rich' to 'ridiculously rich', which also implies to me that any transfer fee would be fairly minimal. After all, if they're so intent on ditching him that they'd pay money to facilitate a move, there's not going to be a lot of leverage to demand a high fee.

So, a year of Eto'o for £7 million plus whatever his transfer fee happens to be. I can definitely live with that.

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