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Report: Eto'o to sign one-year deal with Chelsea

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Dmitry Korotayev

Reports on the impending Samuel Eto'o signing are flying in from around the world, so let's just take the one closest to hand: El Mundo Deportivo are claiming that the Cameroonian forward, the world's highest paid player, will be signed to a one-year deal on Thursday after a medical.

Given the number of different outlets reporting this, it would be surprising if it wasn't true*. Anzhi Makhachkala are conducting a major firesale at the moment, and have rather obviously been looking to offload Eto'o and his wages. Chelsea have already picked up one of their stars in Willian, and they'd be one of the few clubs in the world who could offer Eto'o wages anything like to what his previous club -- although he'd still have to take a hefty paycut.

*There's also a lot of talk that the Cameroonian FA has confirmed it, but I can't get their website to load at the moment...

Signing Eto'o would give Chelsea a centre forward who can help the team immediately without tying us down to a long term deal, and would probably signal the end of the Blues' pursuit of Wayne Rooney. It would also require us to open up an international slot -- with Willian signing on Wednesday, we would be one over the limit of 17 non-homegrown players on the Premier League squad. Demba Ba looks like the likely casualty, so keep an eye out for any news regarding the Senegalese striker.