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You pick the squad: UEFA Super Cup

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Here's your chance to play Jose Mourinho ahead of Chelsea vs Bayern Munich on Friday

Mitchell Gunn-US PRESSWIRE

This morning, UEFA published the 23-man squad which Chelsea will be using for the 2013 UEFA Super Cup. On Friday, Jose Mourinho will be tasked with trimming those 23 down to 18, and picking 11 of those to take the pitch against what's currently the best side in Europe.

We'll have plenty about what Mourinho decides to do on Friday, but for today, we're leaving the choice up to you. The form below will give you the opportunity to tell us the eleven players you'd start, as well as the seven players you'd name to the bench.

I have a feeling we'll see a wide variety of lineups this time, and there's no right or wrong answer there. Some of you will want to treat this one as a friendly, while others will surely want to impress with a trophy on the line. Some will want to close up shop and try to repeat our performance from the last time we faced Bayern, while others will want to see a wide open, entertaining game.

Feel free to discuss your lineup in the comments section below, but do not decide to make rude comments about other people's opinions. The comment sections following the Manchester United game were enough to make me sick, and none of us want to have to deal with that again. Play nice, or don't play at all. We'll have the results for you Friday before the game.