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Let's meet Christian Atsu: All touches vs Niger

So, now that Chelsea are reportedly set to sign Porto's Christian Atsu, we should take a look at who he is as a player. Here he is appearing for Ghana against Niger.

Gallo Images

So, just who is Christian Atsu, Chelsea's reported next signing? Let's take a look at his appearance for Ghana against Niger in Ghana's Africa Cup of Nations Group B match and see what we can determine about him. He's Number 7 in red, if you're confused as to which player he is.

Have you had a look? Good. It's hard not to be at least a little impressed here. After all, he did manage to score a goal. Beyond that, though, even the spoiled eyes of Chelsea fans should be able to see his pace, technique, passing and vision. He's not overly-reliant on his pace, which is good, but it makes it a little hard to tell how good his top-end speed really is. The biggest stand out for me is the technical side of his game. While he's not exactly up to Mata or Hazard standard here, he's still pretty impressive, several times finding a team-mate with a neat technical pass. Nearly as importantly, he moves well, always looking to put himself in a good position when not in possession.

Unfortunately, at 21, he's unlikely to develop hugely in the next few years, but not out of the question that he could reach the level required to make the Chelsea squad. Truthfully, he's not that all that far off at the moment. At £3.5m or so, there's very little to be worried about. Looking at our recent list of squad players, it's rare to find one so cheaply. If he can't make it, he should still garner pretty decent value on the transfer market. Here's hoping we can get this done in the days to come!

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