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You picked the squad: Manchester United vs. Chelsea

We asked you to tell us what you'd do if you were in charge, and you did just that

Richard Heathcote

Yesterday we asked you to select the starting eleven that you'd like to see against Manchester United, and today we have those results for you. Here's what you guys wanted, according to the outcome of the vote:

Starting XI

Petr Cech - This seems like a no-brainer, and you guys obviously felt that way as well. Cech appeared as a starter on 98.2% of the responses we received, while backing up another option on 1.5% of the votes. There were actually 4 ballots which didn't include Cech at all, so I'd guess we have at least four non-Chelsea fans that read this particular post.

Branislav Ivanovic - An overwhelming 88.8% of you voted for Ivanovic to start, although the split between Gary Cahill and Cesar Azpilicueta would suggest that you guys were torn over where. Because Cahill managed to get more starting votes than Azpi, for tonight we have him slotted in at right back. Bran will be worth watching closely once David Luiz returns to action, but for tonight he was a clear fan favorite.

Gary Cahill - I already spoiled this one above, but Gary managed enough votes to get a spot in the Starting XI. A pretty solid 68.8% of you wanted to see Cahill starting tonight, so he'll be taking up a place in the center of the defense.

John Terry - Terry seems like a pretty clear favorite for this one, as 82.5% of you selected him to start. Like Cahill and Ivanovic, it will be interesting to watch this as David Luiz becomes available. For now though, it looks as if we want the Chelsea captain in the lineup for big games.

Ashley Cole - Cole received the third highest vote total to make the Starting XI, appearing as first choice on 96.8% of the ballots. I more surprised that 41 people didn't selected him to start.

Ramires - The midfield provides some interesting voting every week, but after a pair of solid showings, Ramires won a spot in a landslide. The Brazilian appeared on 82.5% of the ballots, and would have had a spot locked down regardless of the formation we use.

Frank Lampard - If the WAGNH community has it's way, Frank Lampard will make his 3rd consecutive start. Lampard appeared as a starter on only 43.7% of the ballots, but that easily made him the second "pivot" midfielder and also narrowly beat out Kevin De Bruyne in total votes.

Juan Mata - The Mata transfer speculation may not be unsettling the player, but it's clearly doing so to Chelsea fans. Only 63.7% of you wanted to see the 2-time reigning Chelsea player of the year start against the defending champs, which absolutely shocked me.

Oscar - Oscar actually got more starting votes than Juan Mata, showing up as a starter on 70% of the ballots. The attacking band is going to be fun to watch this season on the pitch, and it will also be fun to watch in the voting ahead of matches.

Eden Hazard - Hazard is clearly a fan favorite at this point, beating Ashley Cole by a pair of votes for the top spot among outfield players. That was good for a 96.9% showing.

Romelu Lukaku - Maybe you guys love Lukaku, ar maybe you just don't like the other options.. Regardless, a solid 73.1% of the votes had Lukaku leading the line. That easily outpaced the other two center forwards we are currently carrying, with Demba Ba only getting 33 votes after spending the entire Aston Villa match in an offside position.


Mark Schwarzer - Like Cech as the starter, Schwarzer was an easy choice as the second choice goalkeeper. 85.5% of you wanted the Aussie as number two, so 85.5% of you got your wish.

Cesar Azpilicueta - Azpi was the odd man out today in Chelsea's starting defense, but you guys still put him on the bench. 44.4% of the ballots had him as a backup today, which is impressive considering the fact that 50% of the ballots had him listed as a starter.

Michael Essien - 'Daddy' hasn't broken out the Bison as of yet, but you guys still want him on the bench over some of the other options we have. Essien showed up as a sub on 44.2% of the ballots, easily earning a spot on today's bench.

Marco van Ginkel - MvG must be impressing you guys, as 55.2% of you wanted him on today's bench.

Kevin De Bruyne - De Bruyne pushed Frank Lampard for the final starting spot, but came up just short in that regard. He was an easy choice for the bench though, and 45.7% of you put him there in addition to the 43% that wanted him starting.

Andre Schurrle - Schurrle led all outfield players in bench voting, appearing on 66.6% of the ballots.

Fernando Torres - Torres didn't make much of a push for a starting spot this week, but he did show up as a second choice on 60.5% of the ballots. What we do in the transfer market will certainly make the Torres situation interesting.

There you have it, the Chelsea squad as selected by the We Ain't Got No History community. It wouldn't surprise me if Jose Mourinho's squad looks awfully similar to this one, as you guys have done a pretty admirable job as far as I'm concerned. We'll be back with another poll on Wednesday for you to tell us who you want against Bayern Munich, so pay close attention to how we play today.

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