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Liverpool apparently looking to help Chelsea with their winger problem

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Anesh Debiky

With the impending arrival of Brazilian international Willian, Chelsea's attacking midfield band is looking somewhat crowded. Trying to keep all of Eden Hazard, Juan Mata, Oscar, Kevin de Bruyne, Willian, Andre Schurrle and Victor Moses happy and sharp is going to be an impossible task, and Jose Mourinho has already mentioned that we should expect someone in that group to be sent away.

Although there's plenty of speculation about Mata, it's Moses who feels far more likely to go. And the Daily Mail are reporting that Liverpool are plotting to take him off of our hands for a season. The article is oddly specific -- Chelsea are apparently demanding a loan fee of £2 million -- but it makes a certain sense. Moses, despite his impressive showing in preseason, is expendable, Liverpool were interested in him last summer and they have enough money to give us a decent loan fee.

No, the source isn't particularly good yet, but this is exactly the sort of move that would make sense should Willian arrive at Stamford Bridge. Considering that his work permit hearing isn't until Wednesday, I would expect any Moses loan to occur quite late.

Compared to the anticlimax that was last year's summer transfer deadline, this year's will be a frenzied hive of activity. Should be pretty interesting, right?