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Tottenham Hotspur appear a little bitter over the Willian deal

Jamie McDonald

The Willian deal is hardly final at the moment -- he still needs a work permit, for one thing -- but it's clear to everyone that if he's signing for a club in London it will be with Chelsea, rather than Tottenham Hotspur. Considering Spurs had that deal on lockdown all of a week ago and were supposedly relying on him to inject some quality into their Garath Bale-less attack, it's not surprised that they're slightly annoyed about it.

Normally clubs refuse to let themselves show anger in public. Andre Villas-Boas, on the other hand...

Hee hee hee. I'm not really convinced that Willian significantly upgrades the squad, but both this and the Wayne Rooney saga seem calculated to both help Chelsea and severely annoy a team that occupies the same sort of area in the table.

Spurs should feel happy about being trolled by Jose Mourinho and company, mind you -- they were nowhere this relevant last time the Special One was in the country. And hey, at least this time the Vlad Chiriches deal sounds like it'll actually end up going through.

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