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Pick your squad: Manchester United vs Chelsea

Tell us who you would put in your squad tomorrow if you were in charge at Chelsea

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With Manchester United at Old Trafford tomorrow, it's time for you to put on Jose Mourinho's finest suit and pick the Chelsea squad you'd like to see. Instead of putting this week's results in the preview, I'm going to give them their own, separate post with a little more detail about the results of the voting.

We've also waited a bit longer to do this one than in the past, partly due to the Willian signing, and partly to see who would be available for selection on Monday. With that in mind, you only have 24 names from which to choose, as both David Luiz and Tomas Kalas look like they'll continue to be unavailable due to injury.

Willian is also not an option at the moment, as his work permit hearing is scheduled for next Wednesday. That's seemingly just a formality, but without that piece of paper, he's not eligible to dress tomorrow*.

*His glorious hair will almost certainly be ruining someone's view of the game though, hopefully it's a United fan

Fill out the form, and we'll have the results for you before the game tomorrow. Feel free to discuss your selections in the comments section below, but keep it friendly, ok?

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