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Report: Chelsea to also sign Samuel Eto'o as part of the Willian deal

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Dmitry Korotayev

Take this for whatever you rate The Telegraph's rumors to be worth, but they're reporting today that Chelsea are in fact making a double swoop and the £30 million being sent into Anzhi Makhachkala's coffers will see not only Willian but Samuel Eto'o come in return as well.

"Chelsea have agreed a deal to sign Samuel Eto’o as part of the negotiations to acquire Willian for £30 million from Anzhi Makhachkala..."

-source: Telegraph

Well then.  I don't even.  Ya gotta slow your roll, Emenalo & Mourinho & Abramovich & Co!  I haven't even begun to be able to wrap my head around the Willian signing!

The Telegraph goes on to claim that this will end our pursuit of Wayne Rooney (now also set to start on Monday), all of which sounds logical but logic may not have much meaning at this point.

In case you're wondering, the bulk of the Eto'o investment would be in the form of wages, which just yesterday was rumored - as per Gianluca Di Marzio - to be £6 million per year.

The fee for Eto’o, the highest-paid player at the Russian club, is thought to be around £2 million.

-source: Telegraph

Happy Silly Season Super Sunday to you and yours!