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Mourinho: United 'haven't asked' about Juan Mata

Mike Hewitt

I don't think we really appreciated just how strange this summer has turned out to be. Back in April, did anyone seriously think that Jose Mourinho would be asked about swapping Juan Mata for Wayne Rooney? It's completely insane that this is even being discussed, but we're used to the crazy because brains are weird.

Anyway, to the subject at hand. You know how we've been told than Manchester United are totally going to acquire Juan Mata as part of the Rooney deal because Mourinho doesn't want him? It turns that United haven't even bothered inquiring as to whether or not that's a possibility. Hit it, Jose.

It’s hypothetical because they haven’t asked [about Mata]. The two answers we got from Manchester United [regarding Rooney] were, "We don’t accept the bid, we are not interested in selling the player.

-Source: Daily Mail.

That lack of interest in selling isn't going to prevent Chelsea from trying, mind, because that this is a story seems to be irritating them quite a lot (hence the Mata leaks). As Mourinho points out, the worst case scenario is that the Blues waste their time sending an email, and it sounds like they've well and truly unsettled the player in the process too.

Transfer windows were crazy enough without the mind games. Now they're just weird -- hopefully messing with United helps us get a result on Monday.

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