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Saturday Willian Football Willian Open Willian Thread Willian

Not Willian.
Not Willian.
Scott Heavey

Happy Willian+1 Day, boys and girls!

Today is Saturday. WILLIAN. Which means Premier League football! WILLIAN. First, it's Fulham vs. Arsenal (12:45pm BST), which hopefully carries more Wenger hilarities with it. WILLIAN. Then, in the traditional 3pm kick off spot, it's your choice of Everton vs. WBA, Hull vs. Norwich, Newcastle vs. West Ham, Southampton vs. Sunderland, or Stoke vs. Crystal Palace. WILLIAN. I think I'll be opting for the Jozy Altidore thing, which is also the flex match that NBCSN has chosen to show. WILLIAN. Lastly, with the late kickoff (on NBC!), Aston Villa - who seem to currently have the monopoly on schedule strength - will take on Liverpool. WILLIAN.

Willian, Willian, Willian.

There's also some random signing that Chelsea apparently agreed to make yesterday. Can't quite remember his name, Cavani, was it? Marquinhos, perhaps? De Rossi? Khedira?


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