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Let's watch some Willian all-touches highlights, shall we?

Barring yet another 11th hour clandestine switcharoo, Willian looks to be on his way to Stamford Bridge, to join in the happy-happy-joy-joy of our attacking midfield carousel. If you're like me and still trying to wrap your head around this one, yet a bit tired of all the arguing, then come watch this video of Willi the Kid in action away to Dynamo Moscow last month.

You can easily spot him in yellow with the big 'fro - which does seem to have shrunk a bit since we met him in the Champions League, wherein, we should mention, he and his Shakhtar chums made us look a bit foolish - and it looks like he should have no problem meshing with the flicky fun of Hazard and Oscar and Mata and all the others. I should point out that from about the 30th minute on, Anzhi were playing a man down, and yet, even with his own teammates often interfering and doing their best to bumble about, Willian managed to create several chances. Not bad, not bad at all.

And just think, next year, when Wallace comes back from Inter, we'll get to have a right flank of Willian and Wallace taking care of the English. Get it? Willian Wallace? FREEDOM! (I'll be here all week; try the veal.)

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