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Carragher: "It was obvious Mourinho was going back to Chelsea" -- back in March!

Richard Heathcote

As I really hope you know by now on account of yay, Jose Mourinho is back at the helm of Chelsea. The story of just how we got to this point is shrouded in mystery. The way many would have it, he was set for a move to Old Trafford before Manchester United cruelly rejected him and he was forced to crawl back into Roman Abramovich's money-covered arms.

Except that doesn't quite add up. As reigning King of Twitter @sidcelery has pointed out, Mourinho has admitted to helping scout Chelsea targets Andre Schurrle and Marco van Ginkel as early as January. There was also a certain incident involving Rafa Benitez that's most easily explained as him learning that the club was choosing to with someone else as manager for 2013/14.

And now we have another log to add to the fire, coming from the rather strange messenger that is former Liverpool defender / Zola victim Jamie Carragher, who met Mourinho while the Special One was in England in March. What did Carragher have to say about the encounter? A lot of things (and the whole piece is worth a read, because it gives you an idea of what Mourinho is like as an opponent), but here's the relevant bit:

After that, the conversation turned to the Premier League and he casually dropped into the conversation that one of his children would be starting in school in London. There was a shrug of the shoulders and a grin. It was obvious he was going back to Chelsea.

Source: Mail.

Is there really any doubt that this was the plan all along?

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