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Bruma's attempt to escape Sporting thwarted by arbitration committee

Sporting are happy. But Bruma's still not going to play for them.
Sporting are happy. But Bruma's still not going to play for them.
Shaun Botterill

If you're not familiar with the Bruma story, it goes something like this: Boy meets football team. Football team signs boy to contract. Boy excels at football. Boy catches the eye of several huge teams, including Chelsea. Football team and boy become somehow confused about specifics of contract. Boy thinks he should be allowed to leave. Football team does not. Arbitrators get involved!

Note: Story does not involve Jeffrey Bruma in any way. He's a completely different person.

The Bruma saga's been on the back-burner for a few weeks. Everyone involved has kind of exhausted their options, which have, as a reminder, included an attempted kidnap. But we were always expecting a resolution to whether or not he'd be allowed to become a free agent in late August, and now we have one:

But apparently that's not the end of the tale, because there are other ways to have Bruma's contract invalidated. Maybe the team and the player can come to some sort of agree-


Maybe someone should just buy him for a few million so this story can end. Wouldn't that be much less of a headache?

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