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Chelsea vs. Aston Villa: Second Half Thread

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All tied at one. Need to do better.

Jamie McDonald

It's not been the most scintillating of all matches, although Chelsea were looking quite comfortable having grabbed the early lead thanks to Eden Hazard and Antonio Luna.  The latter of course plays for Villa.

Fascinating to see the entirely different game plan being employed by Mourinho and the Blues than on the weekend, although it has made for a somewhat conservative affair so far.  Somewhat worryingly, our passing has deteriorated significantly as the half has worn on.

On the positive side, Ramires has come to play today and Villa have barely threatened despite scoring with the final touch of the first half.  And if Demba Ba learns to stay onside just a bit, there should be another goal or two in this for Chelsea.

Oh, and how about we mark Christian Benteke when he's in the penalty area, yeah?