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No more Mister Nice Mourinho

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No ... moure ... mister nice guy.

Clive Mason

He introduced himself as happy, not special. He talked of one love and family, of happy reunions and fan-like emotions. He's talked up the youth and challenged the old. He even made nice with Arsene the Voyeur.

But no more! No more mister nice guy. No more Mister Nice Mourinho. No ... mou-re. Here's José, partying like it's 2005, via The Guardian:

"We want to win matches, but what I like is that when you have the chance to destroy, to beat them by three, four or five, we have to do it. [...] If we [raise the intensity], we destroy an opponent..."

Set phasers to 'kill.' Enough of this 'stun' business, like this past weekend.

"I think our three players behind Fernando [Torres] disappeared in the second half. They went down but because the score was 2-0. I didn't want to make the change immediately but you could tell when I put [André] Schürrle and [Romelu] Lukaku it gave the team a little push and made a difference."

Mister Nice Mourinho doesn't make changes immediately. No more!

"But I know it's difficult."

Mister Nice Mourinho understands that the game is sometimes difficult for the poor wittle babies. No more! If you can dodge a wrench, you can play hard for 90 minutes.

"I don't think we did that intentionally because at half time we spoke about starting the second-half in the same direction and killing the game, but we couldn't."

Mister Nice Mourinho may have had his hands tied by international duty and injuries. No more!

The squad is deep and talented, especially when it comes to the attacking band. I think it's safe to say that José will be unafraid to wield the hairdryer and make sure all players are on their toes and ready to give their best whenever they're called upon.

No more Mister Nice Mourinho. Not that we expected anything less.

I guess then, Aston Villa, after seeing how we let Hull City off the hook so easily, you've got to ask yourself a question: "Do we feel lucky?" Well do ya, punk?