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Rumour: Roma in talks with Chelsea for Demba Ba

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Ulet Ifansasti

The expected presence of a Roma delegation in London has sparked a flurry of rumours today. Eric Lamela to Tottenham! Miralem Pjanic to Arsenal! Marco Boriello to West Ham United! Now we can add one more 'report' to that group, which makes a lot more sense considering that Roma have just sold striker Pablo Osvaldo to Southampton: The group is meeting with Chelsea to discuss a Demba Ba purchase:

If Chelsea really are confident of bringing in another centre forward this summer, Ba becomes expendable quite quickly, and is the obvious choice to sell out of the current group. Now that Jose Mourinho has confirmed that if Chelsea cannot secure a deal for Wayne Rooney they'll move on to other targets, it seems likely that the club would be willing to countenance a Ba sale.

I don't know how much I'm willing to trust the editor in chief of Tutto Mercato, but this is a rumour that makes a lot more sense than the idea that Roma are selling off their entire team to various London clubs. Definitely a situation to keep one's eye on.