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Visa issues will prevent Omeruo from joining Chelsea in the USA

Clive Rose

We had good news about young defender Kenneth Omeruo last month -- the young defender was granted his work permit, allowing him to play in the UK next year. Omeruo has a devoted following, and with Tomas Kalas out injured for the month, there were many calling for him to join Chelsea on their tour of the United States. Unfortunately, that's not going to happen. At Kickoff Nigeria, Colin Udoh noted that there wasn't enough time for Omeuro to secure a visa to travel the the US, which means he won't be able to link up with the rest of the squad this preseason.

One suspects that that rules him out of a role with the Blues this season. Even if he's comparable to Kalas at the moment, he won't have had any time to work with Jose Mourinho or the rest of the team, so it's difficult to see where he fits in. It would be much better for Omeruo to get some preseason work in now, so I'd expect Michael Emenalo to be looking hard for a loan in the Premier League or Championship. Another year out will do him good, anyway.

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