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Watch: Chelsea's under-21s triumph against Southampton

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Chelsea's under-21s didn't do so well against Tottenham Hotspur in their season opener, but they had a rather happier time against a strong Southampton team on Wednesday. Despite going 1-0 down early on to a free kick that fooled Jamal Blackman and went in at the far post, the young Blues ended up winning 4-1, with goals from Alex Davey, Izzy Brown, Lewis Baker and Islam Feruz. The always-reliable @EskWeston now has the highlights up on his Youbute channel.

Baker had a brilliant game, but the pick of the goals are Brown's and Feruz's. Browns is a close-range finish after some absolutely spectacular buildup play (seriously, the goal alone is worth watching 15 minutes of highlights for), while Feruz's effort was a nonchalant drive that somehow travelled 30 yards into the top corner in the blinking of an eye. If you can't watch the full thing, this is your next best option.