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God Emperor Mourinho is here to ensure Chelsea's Golden Path

Blue heaven.

Warren Little

The Sun and their intrepid Mourinho-insider Rob Beasley have a "WORLD EXCLUSIVE" video interview with the Chelsea new-old boss up on their pay-walled website. Since I can't quite bring myself to give money to/for The Sun - I'd rather spend my £1 on the PoA season preview - I haven't seen it. Fortunately, friend of the blog @sidcelery has tweeted some choice quotes from it and The Daily Mail have picked up on a few as well.

In just a little over 48 hours from now, José will step out onto the Stamford Bridge pitch and you know there's going to be absolute pandemonium. It's going to be the loudest we've heard 41,000+ since Branislav Ivanovic scored the winning goal vs. Napoli. It's going to be awesome.

Mourinho is not Mourinho. Mourinho is Chelsea. He has evolved beyond his mere mortal form and has become fused with the club. The spice melange of Chelsea fandom courses through his veins and turns his eyes Blue when no one's looking. He can see the club's past and the club's future. He is Chelsea. The Chelsea of not just his Chelsea, but the Chelsea of my Chelsea and your Chelsea and every other Chelsea fan's Chelsea.

"I want them to be with us as a Blue family - a Blue family that last year, at certain moments, looked like it was broken."

"I just want to put the family back together so I want them to support us all."

"I want the players to be supported, I want them to support Chelsea."

"I want them to be with us in good moments and bad moments, in cold weather and sunny weather, at home and away, when we are winning and losing."

-José Mourinho; source: Daily Mail

God Emperor Mourinho. He will heal the Chelsea family. He will undo the damage, repair the cracks, ensure the Golden Path. So say we all.*

* Sorry; mixing references.

He was once The Special One, winning trophies and titles in four countries. Now, he is just Chelsea.

"I want to work here and be loved for what I do now."

"My career is very rich. I have won lots of things in different places. Every competition I wanted to win, I did it. So I don't feel that pressure that a manager without a big CV would feel. The only pressure I feel is the pressure of fighting for my own club. Because being the manager of Chelsea means more than being the manager of any other club."

"Not because of what I did, not because of the pressure to succeed again. But because I always want Chelsea to win - even in the last five years with 10 different managers. Now I'm here, I can do something I couldn't do for the last five years - help Chelsea win. That's the only pressure I feel."

-José Mourinho; source: Daily Mail

Mourinho, one of us. Mourinho, God Emperor. May he reign for 3,500 years.

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