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Stop, drop, Ulises Davila loan rumors open up shop

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Ohhhhh, nooooohhh, that's how fringe prospects roll.

Otto Greule Jr

I've come to realize that despite his distinct lack of any realistic Chelsea future, Ulises Dávila is the third most famous 'person-whose-name-sounds-like-Ulysses' to have ever lived.

  1. Ulysses S. Grant - Genius General and Peaceful President
  2. Percival Ulysses Cox, M.D. - Hero
  3. Ulises Dávila

Despite these qualifications, he is nowhere near capable of getting a work permit - not that such a thing would make much of a difference - and so it looks like Dávila is on his way to a third successive season-long loan. His agent opened the bidding earlier this summer with a "mystery La Liga club" but found no takers so he dropped down to Eredivise level. Alas, the fishies in the Dutch sea were only biting at tastier morsels like Lucas Piazón, and so we're back to another Liga Adelante (Spanish second division) option. Last season it was CE Sabadell, this year it's looking like Córdoba CF.

"... o vienen [Dani] Pacheco y Uli Dávila o no viene nadie."

-Carlos Gonzalez, CCF President; source: El Día de Córdoba

This is the Liga Adelante equivalent of "Rooney or bust!" Pacheco wants out of Liverpool, while Dávila is apparently keen on the move as well. They're expecting to close both deals within a week but certainly before August 31st, which is when the transfer window shuts in Spain.

So another, somewhat nondescript, mid-table second division side then. Let's call it a sideways step. Way to go, Newbie Ursula Ulises!