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Di Matteo has received 'many offers' but is choosing to take a year off instead

Clive Rose

Chelsea may have righted the managerial ship following the absolutely odious events of 21.11.12, but we'd be remiss to forget too quickly about the man who was not only a club legend as a player but on that fateful May 19th night, when things (and Drogba) were written in the stars, became one as a manager as well.

Roberto Di Matteo has been out of a job since - understandable in many respects, not the least of which may have been his reluctance to start another job in mid-season - but I'm sure many of us expected him to get back into the game this summer. He is, after all, a Champions League and an FA Cup-winning manager - while giving partial credit to AVB - who had also won automatic promotion with West Bromwich Albion to the Premier League (where he then won a Manager of the Month award), and even had success with League One MK Dons. He'd surely be in demand, and not just in England but all around Europe as well.

"Most successful managers have been sacked, so I have great company there (smiles). It’s part of the experience. I’m now looking forward to winning many more things ahead."

"I’m gonna take this year off, I’ve received many offers but I have to take a rest, regain all my energies before I return to coaching."

-Roberto Di Matteo; source: Daily Monitor

It's a gap year, managerial style! After all the Chelsea drama, Robbie's off to recharge his batteries and see the world - he's been popping up in Africa this summer in various promotional capacities; this interview was with a newspaper in Uganda, for example.

When he was named to Chelsea's managerial post permanently last summer, Di Matteo signed a two-year contract, so in some respects, his sabbatical is being paid for by Roman Abramovich. Which is nice, although it's the least that our owner could do for the man who finally delivered the "holy grail" to Chelsea Football Club.

I look forward to the return of one of the coolest (Mad Men cool, not hip-hop cool) managers in the game whenever he's ready. Until then, enjoy the life, Robbie!

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