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Report: Rooney not for sale at any price

The Guardian are claiming that the Manchester United striker won't be sold this window

Mike Hewitt

If you believed Jose Mourinho when he confirmed it would be Rooney or bust for Chelsea this window, you'll likely be disappointed by the report from The Guardian claiming that the player won't be sold to Chelsea at any price. The report states that United's ownership don't want to concede to player pressure for a move, and further claims that they believe selling to Chelsea would be a poor reflection of United's standing in the game.

The Guardian aren't the kind of paper that they used to be, as they've been increasingly susceptible to misinformation from both clubs and agents over the past several years. That said, they're still one of the more respected publications out there, and if they're running a story like this, they likely have an actual source of some sort feeding them this news. Since the player and Chelsea would have absolutely nothing to gain by this, logic would dictate it's coming from Manchester.

Given Rooney's pretty massive wages, I feel like we're already at or beyond the sort of bid I'd be even remotely comfortable with. I'd love to see the player turn in a transfer request just to further escalate the situation in Manchester, but I'm just fine with an unhappy player that the fans no longer like remaining on their books while he runs down another year of his contract.

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