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England/Scotland U21 Open Thread

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This is the place to discuss all of today's action, where a trio of Chelsea youngsters could be involved

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Today features a game very much worth watching for Chelsea fans, as the England/Scotland U21 tie featyres one of Chelsea's top youngsters starting for each team. Islam Feruz will get the nod for the Scots, while Nathaniel Chalobah will have his chance to shine for England this afternoon.

In addition to the pair of starters, Blackburn Rovers loanee Todd Kane will be on the bench for England. With today's game being a friendly, it wouldn't surprise me at all to see Kane handed a cameo nod.

There are several other games going on today as well, and if you're following one of those this would be the place to comment on those as well. England/Scotland can be found on FSC in the United States, and please don't lin or direct to any illegal streams in the comments.

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