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Amid swirling transfer rumors, David Luiz remains annoyingly evasive

Scott Heavey

I'm sure he's under strict orders from his agent, but I just can't help feeling a little disappointed with David Luiz's latest evasive answers when it comes to questions about his future and all those swirling transfer rumors that have him incessantly linked with Barcelona.

Talking to the media as he linked up with his fellow Brazilians in the national team, the Chelsea defender had the following to say:

"I will only talk about the national team because this is all I can think about when I come here, that's how I think.  It was like this in Brazil during the Confederations Cup, and it will be like this here."

"You (the media) can try everything, but you won't get anything from me."

-David Luiz; source: Globo Esporte via OMNISPORT

Globo Esporte did specify that he said the last line jokingly - essentially repeating his comments from May - as if to poke fun at the whole situation that has blown up into a big deal when it's presumably not one at all, but how hard can it be to be like José for a minute and tell Barcelona to shove off.  I'm sure your agent wants that new contract even though your current deal is less than 12 months old, but can't you just throw us adoring fans a bone over here?

I'd be ok with a nice Instagram along the lines of something like "Forever Blue" even.  At least then I could strop trying to interpret all your other ones in every which way humanly possible and go back to just enjoying the life.


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