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Chalobah injury may not be as bad as it looks

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Alex Livesey

There was panic over at We Ain't Got No History towers earlier today -- and for good reason. Nathaniel Chalobah, one of our most prized youngsters, managed to get himself stretchered off in an under-21 friendly match between England and Scotland with what looked like a very nasty knee injury*.

*You're a bad man, Tony Watt, even if Gary McAllister doesn't think it was intentional.

Fortunately, it sounds as though the injury isn't quite as bad as it looked. So claim the Daily Mail, anyway, who are citing 'word from the England dressing room' when they claim that Chalobah could simply be suffering a knock rather than anything more serious. That would be a major relief, especially with Chalobah looking to go out on loan before the close of the transfer deadline.

Hopefully the Mail's report is true and Chalobah can get back into action quickly. There's a lot riding on this season, and I'd hate for him to miss any of it.

PS: I hate international friendlies.

Update: Chalobah himself has confirmed that the injury isn't as serious as it initially looked. Get well soo Nate!