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Moyes: Rooney training with the reserves 'because he wants to'

Michael Regan

Wayne Rooney's exile from the Manchester United first team turns out to have been self-imposed, at least according to David Moyes. The England international, whom Jose Mourinho and Chelsea have been courting for months, has been training with the reserves this week, but the manager is insisting that that's because he wanted to:

We don't want to sell Wayne. I have not fallen out with Wayne and the reason he trained with the reserves was because he wanted to because he wasn't allowed any contact.

-Source: Sky Sports.

That's a confusing quote, but the key takeaway is that United do not want to sell, which is different from Moyes saying that Rooney won't be sold*. The rest is probably a continuation of the PR war that's been waged ever since the end of last season, in which both Manchester United and Rooney look to blame the other for whatever they happen to be fighting about.

*The Sky Sports headline is thoroughly misleading.

My feeling is that Rooney can force this move if he really wants to go. He's certainly doing his best to do just that, and United look as though they're getting flustered. I'd be surprised if this one didn't go all summer long -- but even more surprised if Rooney was still playing for his current club come September 3rd.

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