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Chelsea 2 - AS Roma 1: Initial Reaction to the Blues ending their preseason with a win

Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sport

So that was just about a useless 90 or so minutes.  After all, it's always the SEVENTH preseason match that makes all the difference.

Both teams played like they wanted to be anywhere else but at the boring concrete dump that is RFK Stadium.  Mark Schwarzer did his best to entertain us at least.

My initial reaction is perfectly encapsulated in one word:  meh.

What's yours?

  • David Luiz started.  Take that, Barcelona.
  • John Obi Mikel started.  Take that ... Galatasaray?
  • Juan Mata did not start.  PANIC.
  • The match came alive after Frank Lampard's howitzer of a goal around the hour mark.  The last 30 was almost, kind of fun.
  • Ryan Bertrand has had a solid preseason.  Plenty of confidence in him going into the new season as Ashley Cole's understudy.
  • Jamal Blackman's 45 minutes in goal were arguably the best he's ever played for the first team.  Progress!
  • Morgan De Sanctis is hilarious and worth the price of admission all by himself.
  • Two more penalty shouts (if not three) turned down by the incompetent ref.  Hey, maybe we'll get good karma later.
  • Eden Hazard came alive now that the actual season is almost here.  He is the bizarro Marko Marin.  Good to have you back, Eden!
  • Romelu Lukaku keeps on finding ways to score.  That's 5 goals for the young Belgian, out of the total of 20 scored by Chelsea this preseason (11 different goalscorers).

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