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A visual comparison of Romelu Lukaku and Fernando Torres vs. Real Madrid

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well then 181 seconds worth of pictures, assuming 60 frames per second, is roughly 10 million words. Now where's my Pulitzer? (Or, to be more precise, where's YouTube user kyhadley's Pulitzer?)

In any case, here's a lovely video that shows the extreme difference in styles between how Romelu Lukaku and Fernando Torres played versus Real Madrid. While it's unclear how much of what we're seeing is the result of tactical instruction and how much is the player's own instinct and preference - and how much of either is influenced by the match situation and the teams' lineups - the contrast is fairly obvious.

So, one and a half minutes of Romelu Lukaku, target man & center forward, followed by one and a half minutes of Fernando Torres, trequartista.