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Watch: Marko Marin helps ruin Rio Ferdinand's testimonial

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With the World Cup coming up next summer, most footballers are looking to get plenty of playing time next season to catch the eye of their national setups. But Marko Marin is smarter than that. The Germany team is stacked, and even if he plays regularly with Sevilla he's probably on the outside looking in. But! What if he proved that he was the world's best summertime player? Then, surely, he'll be in the squad for Brazil.

It's a brilliant, fiendish plan, and Marin has implemented it to perfection. He outshone the likes of Eden Hazard and Juan Mata last summer, and now he's some sort of pre-season god with Sevilla. He's even scoring against Manchester United at Old Trafford! Making a joke out of Rio Ferdinand at his own testimonial's worth the 7 million we spent on him in 2012 in my book. Long may the legend of Marko continue. A golden boot in Brazil awaits.