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Chelsea help save non-league side

Christopher Lee

Chelsea are definitely the most evil side on earth. After all, who but the most devious masterminds would help save Aldershot Town from disappearing as part of some plan to... wait, this doesn't sound evil at all. Some backstory: Aldershot were relegated from the Football League at the end of last season, suffered enormous financial problems and went into administration as a result.

They needed new ownership, and last Tuesday it was announced that a takeover -- which would save the club -- had been approved. And today it's emerging that Chelsea were a key player in securing Aldershot's future. How? The Blues have agreed a 'lucrative' deal* to use the Shots' home ground, EBB Stadium, for 25 youth games over the next two seasons. The stadium fits 7,100 and is about 20 miles southwest of Cobham, which should be easily accessible for many Chelsea supporters hoping to watch the youth teams in action.

*One suspects that Chelsea and Aldershot have different definitions of lucrative, but oh well.

This seems to have worked out pretty well for all parties -- the u-19s needed a stadium to play in thanks to their participation in the European Championships, and Aldershot were obviously in need of a white knight to save them from financial doom. Everyone's a winner! But let's hear more about how we're destroying football again.

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