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Lampard still injured, Schurrle out with illness

Thananuwat Srirasant

We haven't seen anything at all of Frank Lampard this preseason, and although we're expecting to catch him in action at some point during Chelsea's tour of United States, we're not going to get any Lampard against Inter Milan. Jose Mourinho has confirmed that the midfielder will be missing Thursday's friendly in Indianapolis -- and we shouldn't expect him to appear against Milan in New York either:

Frank is recovering but of course we don't want to take risks. Hopefully he plays this week, I won't say the second match but maybe the third or fourth.


Fair enough (although this is a pretty long absence for an injury precaution). What about the other players missing against the BNI Indonesia All-Stars? We know Kevin de Bruyne is fine after his scare in Kuala Lumpur, but what of Andre Schurrle?

Andre is ill, it's as simple as that. He has a temperature after Asia but it's not an injury, he's just ill, after tomorrow he should be back in training.

Last time I was in South East Asia I ended up getting amoebic dysentery, so I'd advise giving Schurrle all the time he needs to recover on account of there being crazy Oregon Trail style diseases over there. It's a shame he's missing some of preseason -- that'll be a setback as he looks to impress Mourinho -- but so it goes.

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