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Report: Juan Mata nearing a three-year extension with Chelsea FC

According to the Mirror, Mata is set to extend his deal until 2018

Jasper Juinen

The Mirror had some news today about Fernando Torres and Juan Mata, but probably missed out on a chance for page hit gold when they didn't include their biggest piece of news in the headline. So what should they have titled the article? Read the following and you'll have a pretty good idea:

Such is the club's determination to keep him, Spanish playmaker Mata is now close to agreeing a three-year contract extension which would take him up to 2018. Mata is one of Chelsea's star players and his new deal will see him get a rise and take him to the £100,000-a-week plus bracket.

If true, this is absolutely fantastic news for Blues fans worldwide. The Spanish media have been running with all sorts of garbage about Mata potentially leaving the club, but a three-year extension should* quickly put those ridiculous rumors to bed.

*But probably won't

The Mirror is generally a pretty lousy paper, but I'd still take an unsourced rumor from The Mirror over news from the Catalan press any day of the week. Hopefully we'll be seeing something from a little more trustworthy source soon, and Juan Mata will be staying with the Blues for a very long time.

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