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Matej Delac confirms Vojvodina loan

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The keeper will be heading to Serbia for the 2013/14 season

Alex Grimm

Matej Delac hinted at a loan yesterday, and we had a few hints overnight about where he might be spending next season. This morning, Delac has confirmed that he'll indeed be spending next season in Serbia when he tweeted the following:

Hopefully this season will see Delac getting more time on the pitch than he has in previous seasons, as regardless of whether or not he has any sort of future with Chelsea, showing what he's capable of doing can only be good for his career. Unfortunately his lack of playing time for the past several seasons likely means that Chelsea are going to invest in another backup option this summer, and the odds of him ever playing for the Blues have likely taken a major hit because of it.

Best of luck in Serbia, Matej, it will be nice to know you're getting regular minutes. I doubt many of us will actually see any of your games this year, but at least you'll be playing.