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Matej Delač supposedly on his way to a loan at FK Vojvodina thanks to Director of Football Mateja Kezman

Johannes Simon

In what may yet turn out to be the biggest positive that he's ever done for Chelsea Football Club, Mateja Kežman has apparently used his connections to convince the Blues to send Matej Delač on loan to FK Vojvodina of the Serbian SuperLiga.

Dugo pratimo ovog talentovanog golmana. Dovodimo ga da pojača konkurenciju među stativama. Projekat ’'Nova Vojvodina' je započet i verujemo da ćemo napraviti sjajan tim, kojeg će predvoditi mlad i ambiciozan trener.

-Mateja Kežman; source: Blic

Basically, they've been tracking the talented goalkeeper for a while and want to bring him in to compete for the number one goalkeeping position. And apparently the whole infatuation with projects has now infiltrated Serbian football as well. Thanks a lot, AVB.

Kežman, once the Batman to Arjen Robben's Robin at PSV but then later more like just some dude in hockey pads, has been busy since joining the board of the third best club in Serbia as a de facto Director of Football. In a little over a week, he has already managed to fill the hole left by the departure of last season's first choice goalkeeper (Nemanja Supic whose contract, as far as I can tell, had been allowed to expire on July 1st), with a young, talented hired gun. Provided of course that Delač passes his medical (and that this report isn't just another made-up story by some random tabloid).

The 20-year-old goalkeeper is expected in Novi Sad today (Monday) for a medical. It will be his fifth loan already since joining Chelsea as a 17-year-old. None of them have been particularly successful unfortunately and in a tweet shared by fellow loan warrior Milan Lalkovič (they sat on the bench together at Vitória SC for six months in 2012) has revealed that all he wants is to be the main man somewhere, finally:

Puno sreće, Matej!

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