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What type of player is Izzy Brown?

We've read all about him but exactly what sort of player is Izzy Brown?

Clive Mason

It's important to remember that Brown is only 16. Adrian Durham spent a decent amount of time talking nonsense about Izzy on his radio show, there have been articles across all national papers regarding his move and every Tom, Dick and Harry has had their say when in reality, it isn't that big of a deal.

Brown isn't going to turn up at Cobham, walk into the first team and set the world alight. He'll turn up, realise that he's no longer the star of the academy and hopefully he'll react in the right way by getting his head down and working hard on his game. Whether his involvement with the WBA first team was them trying to keep him sweet and sign that pro deal or someone at WBA thinking they could add an extra zero to a possible compensation figure, there's no doubt that he'll receive no such treatment at Chelsea.

The jury was still out at WBA on which was Brown's best position. Steve Clarke's view was that Brown was going to mature into a box-to-box midfielder, a view that surprised me. Of course, Clarke knows a lot more about coaching than me so I'm not one to doubt but he always looked most threatening to me when playing as advanced left forward. I've seen him rip full-backs to pieces, completely outpacing them and overpowering them but was that purely down to his advanced physical physique? It's quite clear that Brown is physically more developed than your average 16 year old and it shows on the pitch

Brown isn't a winger though. He would drift out to the left wing from the centre of the pitch if he wasn't getting any success there, he plays like a tall Eden Hazard. He's good with his feet, has a pretty good shot on him and can also pick out a pass, the sort of player you would want in the opposition's half, not your own.

If Brown is going to develop into a box-to-box midfielder like Steve Clarke had planned for him then he's going to have to work on his defensive game, something which may come with age and maturity. He's a very, very talented youngster but I'm looking forward to see how he goes from being the star to just another one of the kids. The potential is there but has he got what it takes to beat off competition from Jeremie Boga, Loftus-Cheek and Charly Musonda to just become the best player of his age group at Chelsea? I wish him the best of luck and hope he makes a name for himself at Chelsea.

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