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Ominous, Zamparini-shaped clouds gather over Chelsea's Cavani hopes

Tullio M. Puglia

It's been a couple of years since we got to run a story involving Palermo owner's Mauricio Zamparani (and will be even longer because Palermo got relegated last season), so this one's mostly or old time's sake. Zamparini used to be the owner of one Edinson Cavani, and now he's commenting on his former player's supposed transfer -- to Paris Saint-Germain.

I have texted [Napoli president Aurelio] De Laurentiis to congratulate him on doing even better than I did [while dealing with PSG].

He has outdone the €43 million (£37 million) that we got for Javier Pastore when we sold him to PSG. De Laurentiis had to make this deal. He did well to say that he wanted a transfer fee like this.

Cavani is a unique player. He couldn't stay at Napoli because he has to think about his career and PSG are offering him €8 million (£6.9 million) per year.

-Source: ESPN.

Now, most people will need a reason to come out in public with remarks like this, but in case you don't remember Mauricio Zamparini from the Pastore saga, you should know that he's a complete and utter lunatic. In this case, he's probably commenting on the various reports that PSG are on the verge of signing Cavani rather than confirming the deal. But no matter what, this situation is looking pretty ominous for Cavani fans.

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