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Mata and David Luiz praise Mourinho

Mike Hewitt

Ignore the possible £40 million bid for Wayne Rooney that the London Evening Standard are reporting, according to the Independent. It's conjecture and written as conjecture -- my guess is that it's based on recycled rumours from a couple of weeks ago rather than a new leak from one camp or another (and leaks, even from the teams involved, haven't really been particularly reliable over the course of the Rooniad).

But there are some interesting quotes at the bottom of the piece that I hadn't seen before:

He is a great coach and has credibility across the world. He has won many titles and has the same ambition to win more.

When you have the opportunity to work with a fantastic coach like him, then of course you’re excited.

-David Luiz

I met him the other day, he is a great manager. He has done a really good job here and all of us are waiting to win the title.

-Juan Mata

Both are highly fluffy, of course, but considering all the talk about Mata and David Luiz feeling unsettled and being open to moves elsewhere, it's nice to see them being integrated back into the squad following their post-Confederations Cup holiday. Jose Mourinho doesn't want to sell either, and apparently there's no friction here.

I mean, we're still going to have people talking about, but now we can deploy Real Live Quotes to retaliate.

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