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Here's an amusing Fernando Torres rumour to get you through your day

Scott Heavey

What makes even less sense than a rich club wanting to buy Fernando Torres, a man who's both a) nowhere near the player he once was and b) freakishly expensive, even for a professional footballer? A broke club wanting him! Which makes the rumour that Valencia want to relieve Chelsea of Torres' services but 'won't go higher than £25 million,' reported in the Mail but sourced from SuperDeportes absolutely bizarre.

Valencia probably don't have the money to afford Torres even if he were free -- the reason they're going through a fire sale is because they were in a precarious financial situation even before last year and have no lost income from the Champions League on top of that. They're not going to replace Roberto Soldado with Fernando Torres unless they've absolutely lost their minds.

If they do want to spend £25 million on Torres, Chelsea would be relieved of £30 million in wages on top of receiving the transfer fee, which means that they should almost certainly accept. But Valencia actually doing this seems so implausible as to be barely worth considering. If they're trying to pretend as though they can still make a splash, they're just looking silly instead.

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