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Ashley Cole in the best thing ever

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Mike Hewitt

Apparently there is something called the Green Soccer Journal, which... well, I assume it journals green soccer. But this isn't about the Green Soccer Journal. It's about their interview with Chelsea left back Ashley Cole. More specifically, it's about their promotional video of their interview with Cole. Because it is magnificent:

The Green Soccer Journal - Issue 5 - Ashley Cole from The Green Soccer Journal on Vimeo.

I love this video. I love everything about it. It makes me want to quit my job, live on a house by the beach, learn to surf and write terrible poetry in my spare time. If only it had a few hilarious dubstep drops it'd be the most Ashley Cole thing of all time.

If someone happens to acquire a copy of this magazine, they'll have to share their thoughts on Cole's interview. He's an interesting guy, and I'm curious what he has to say... but it can't possibly top this video, which is already the greatest thing Cole's ever done. I'm just a poor boy whose intentions are gooooood.

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