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Tore Andre Flo will coach at Chelsea's academy next year

Charlie Crowhurst

Tore Andre Flo fits neatly into the overlapping bit of the Venn Diagram labelled 'former Chelsea players I like' and 'people I would like to write about more', and so it's a happy coincidence that he's been named as a coach at the academy. Is this news? Well, it's mostly news because Tore Andre Flo is interesting.

I'm going to work with the academy this season. I was doing it part-time last season, and I am really looking forward to it. In the academy we get all the analysis and videos so it will be very interesting to look at. As a player I was at a lot of different clubs and most of all I was at this club so hopefully I can give the players some advice.

-Source: Chelsea TV via Mail.

According to Dermott Drummy, Flo will be helping the younger age bracket in the mornings before working with the under-21s later on. He specifically mentioned that he'll be helping Islam Feruz mature into a true number nine (Flo was pretty decent at that, as I recall), but he's not going to be a striker-only sort of guy.

I can't possibly hope to comment on Flo's credentials or how good he'll be at his job, so for now I'll just trust that those making this decision chose well. At any rate, it's good to have him back around full time. Welcome home!

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