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Mourinho: At least another £30m available this window

Stanley Chou

Jose Mourinho's not allowed to talk about Wayne Rooney anymore, but he's still more than happy to drop oblique little hints about what Chelsea are willing to pay for him. The official line is that the Blues have made one bid for the Manchester United forward, disclosed publicly after a cheeky briefing from the recipients of that bid, but that nothing else is happening.

There's talk of a second bid, of course, but the clubs aren't going to talk about it. Mourinho, on the other hand, is more than happy to discuss what Chelsea could spend. You know, if they wanted to buy someone:

[Chelsea] could still invest in a player that costs £20m, £25m, £30m. The club is ready for that.

-Source: Independent

Earlier this summer we heard a lot of silly stories about how Chelsea would have to sell to buy, based on a primitive understanding of both economics and Financial Fair Play, but it's clear that the club's in fine shape, money-wise. It's also clear that there's plenty left in the tank on the Rooney hunt -- maybe that £30m upper limit that the papers have been talking about is legitimate?

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